Raspberry Pi Debuts Online Code Editor for Kids

Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation today announced Code Editor — an online, text-based learning tool designed to teach kids how to code.

“We are building a new online text-based Code Editor to help young people aged 7 and older learn to write code,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation said in a blog post. “It’s free and designed for young people who attend Code Clubs and CoderDojos, students in schools, and learners at home.”

Code Editor is still in active development and is currently available to test in beta. At this time, Code Editor only supports Python, which the Raspberry Pi Foundation noted was chosen for being the most popular programming language in schools, CodeDojos, and Code Clubs.

That said, the Foundation said that support for web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is coming in the “near future.” Code Editor is also slated to get new features like project sharing and collaboration.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is on a mission to make coding, development, and computing more accessible, especially to the young. It is widely known for creating Raspberry Pi, a line of wildly popular, low-cost single-board computers that include the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Raspberry Pi 400, the latter of which is an entire computer inside a keyboard.

Code Editor is entirely online, so users will currently be unable to use Python to interact with the hardware they are using to code. However, creating a free raspberrypi.org account will allow users to save all of their projects to the cloud, reload them at any time, and even download them as .zip files.

Click here to try out Raspberry Pi’s Code Editor today. You can also click here to shop Raspberry Pi products on Amazon.ca.