Koodo Increases Prices of Tab Plans and Select BYOD Plans

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  • Koodo price increases of $2 per month have been applied to select plans.
  • Minimum monthly plans for Tab contracts have gone up in price.
  • Select bring your own device plans have also gone up in price.

Telus-owned Koodo has increased the starting prices of Tab plans and also select bring your own device (BYOD) plans.

The Koodo Tab is essentially an amount you get off a new smartphone upfront, but you repay it back in equal payments over 24 months on top of your minimum monthly plan.

Tab amounts can vary, either $936 loaned upfront for Tab Plus, $360 for Tab Mid and $240 for Tab Basic, with each Tab requiring a different minimum monthly plan.

Koodo has increased prices for Tab tiers as follows this week, according to changes noted by iPhone in Canada:

  • Tab Plus: $62/month (was $60)
  • Tab Mid: $62/month (was $60)
  • Tab Basic: $35/month (was $33)

As for the price increase to bring your own phone plans? Prices went up a couple of bucks for the three plans below:

  • $35/month for pay-per-use data (was $33)
  • $62/15GB (was $60/15GB)
  • $67/20GB (was $65/20GB)

As of writing, Fido has these BYOD plans at the old prices in brackets above, just like Virgin Plus as well (except Virgin is charging $34 now for the pay-per-use data plan).

Just one week ago, Koodo was offering its 20GB plan for $50, alongside its competitors Fido and Virgin Plus.

During Black Friday 2022, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus all offered a 20GB plan for $30 per month. So the price of the 20GB plan right now is more than double what it was five months ago.

Last month, Telus and Koodo (alongside Bell and Virgin Plus) increased the prices of roaming plans to the U.S. and abroad.

We’ve reached out to Koodo to ask why these prices increased and will update this post accordingly.