Spotify Publishers Can Now Create Podcasts From Previous Radio Broadcasts

Spotify’s Megaphone is launching a new broadcast-to-podcast tool that lets publishers produce podcasts from previously broadcasted radio content.

Convert radio broadcast to podcast spotify

The automated end-to-end solution is available to all Megaphone enterprise users globally starting today.

Using this technology, broadcast publishers can reach hard-to-reach audiences, such as Gen Z, who prefer to get their news through digital channels like podcasts.

After a simple, one-time setup process, broadcast-to-podcast automatically creates new podcast episodes from previously broadcasted content.

Here are some of the highlights and benefits of this new technology:

  • Spotify’s broadcast-to-podcast tool is already used by some of the world’s largest publishers, including FOX News Audio.
  • Ad marker locations are automatically identified and users have the flexibility to either replace or remove the identified ad locations.
  • Users have the ability to dynamically re-insert new ads for additional monetization.
  • Publishers can also take this opportunity to tap into Megaphone’s best-in-market monetization tools, including the Spotify Audience Network.

With podcast ad spending projected to hit nearly $2.2 billion in 2023, the tool represents a huge revenue opportunity for broadcast publishers.