Purported Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Leaked Pic Shows New Design

An image allegedly showing Tesla’s Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh has recently appeared on Reddit, giving us a full-scale look at the new front design (via Tesla North).

Model 3 highland leak

While reports of an impending Model 3 refresh have been circulating for quite a while, this is the first time we are seeing one with its tarp cover removed, parked, and charging.

You can notice the following changes in the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh:

  • Missing Tesla emblem
  • Revamped front headlights, resembling a Honda S2000 or a Roadster.
  • New front bumper design
  • No fog lights
  • All-new wheels
  • Updated front dashboard
  • Seemingly angled display?
  • A new front camera on top of the bumper?

The authenticity of the image is, however, unknown although many believe it to be the real deal. The source who posted the photo said they don’t work for Tesla and “just wanted to share it.”

Let us know what you guys think of the Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh in the comments section below.