Microsoft’s SwiftKey Now Supports Bing AI Chatbot on iOS and Android

Microsoft is integrating its Bing AI Chatbot into its SwiftKey app across iOS and Android. News of this comes after the company initially intended to sunset support in iPhone in 2022.

In a blog post, Microsoft announces that SwiftKey will support three main pillars of Bing AI Chatbot via the new integration. Starting now, users are able to use SwiftKey’s Bing integrations for Search, Chat, and Tone tools.

Using the new Search functionality, Bing AI Chatbot enables users to quickly search the web via the keyboard. Users can find out about the weather, nearby restaurants, etc. Without having to swap apps. Using the Chat option, users can gain access to detailed queries when chatting with friends and family. For instance, they can find a pun or look up a restaurant to suggest in a group chat. Finally, Tone assists users to customize their text to better fit a situation such as a more formal tone for an email.

Out of the three, the Tone function appears to be the most unique and adaptive for an assortment of users. “With tones to make your words sound more professional, casual, polite, or concise enough for a social post,” Microsoft states.

All three features are now available within the SwiftKey app in markets where Bing is available. This includes Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and other major regions. Microsoft states that anyone can take advantage of the Search function. However, in order to utilize Chat and Tone, users must have access to a Microsoft Account that has been approved to use the new Bing preview.

In addition, Microsoft claims that Bing recently hit 100 million faily users.