Fastest Mobile Network in Canada 2023: Rogers, Telus, Bell Compared

fastest providers rogers telus bell q1 2023


  • Bell was the fastest mobile provider in Q1 2023, with Rogers having the highest upload speed.
  • Bell’s pure fibre led the fixed broadband segment in both download and upload speeds.
  • No clear winners were identified for consistency, device performance, or chipset performance.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index has released its Q1 2023 Market Analysis for Canada, showcasing the performance of mobile and fixed broadband providers across the country.

In the mobile category, Bell emerged as the fastest national mobile provider, with a median download speed of 111.11 Mbps. Telus was close behind in second at 102.47 Mbps and Rogers further back at 85.67 Mbps.

Rogers took the lead for median upload speed at 13.14 Mbps, followed by Bell at 11.12 Mbps and Telus at 10.98 Mbps.

When it came to consistency and device performance, however, there were no clear winners for Q1 2023. But Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max saw the fastest median download and upload at 148.75 Mbps and 21.20 Mbps respectively. In second place was the iPhone 14 Pro showing 141.24 Mbps median download and 19.74 Mbps median upload. The Galaxy S23 Ultra was in third at 139.94 Mbps and 21.06 Mbps upload, respectively.

For 5G performance, Bell had the fastest median 5G download speed at 183.29 Mbps, followed by Telus at 158.56 Mbps and Rogers at 125.64 Mbps.

In terms of regional mobile speeds, Alberta led the pack with a median download speed of 92.30 Mbps, while St. John’s recorded the fastest median mobile download speed among populous cities at 153.21 Mbps.

Fixed Broadband Results

In the fixed broadband segment, Bell’s pure fibre was the fastest provider, delivering a median download speed of 281.94 Mbps and a median upload speed of 235.72 Mbps. Rogers was second at 270.84 Mbps and Shaw in third at 242.29 Mbps, followed by Telus at 195.99 Mbps.

As with the mobile category, no provider took the crown for highest consistency in Q1 2023.

New Brunswick demonstrated the fastest median download speed over fixed broadband in Canada at 190.79 Mbps, while Fredericton had the fastest median download speed among populous cities at 252.36 Mbps.

Bell pure fibre had the fastest median upload speed at 235.72 Mbps, followed by Telus PureFibre at 175.45 Mbps, then Shaw at 75.55 Mbps, Videotron at 33.99 Mbps, and Rogers at 32.49 Mbps.

You can check out all the mobile and fixed broadband speed test results here on Ookla’s website.