Sonos Pro Launches: Business Solution for Sound

SonosPro Lifestyle Shot Restaurant 2


  • Sonos Pro offers an easy-to-use solution for businesses to manage their commercial audio and create engaging sound experiences.
  • The platform targets retail stores and restaurants, enhancing their in-store atmosphere for customers.
  • At $35 per month per location, Sonos Pro provides an accessible and flexible option for businesses to improve their commercial audio.

Sonos has announced its expansion into the commercial sector with the launch of Sonos Pro. This new software as a service (SaaS) offering is designed to make it easy for businesses to deliver exceptional sound across multiple locations using a subscription-based model.

Sonos Pro provides businesses with a user-friendly dashboard, enabling remote system management across various locations, commercially-licensed music, personalized support, and seamless integration with existing Sonos hardware.

The service is now available in the United States, with plans to expand to additional markets soon. No word on when Sonos Pro will launch in Canada just yet, but we’ll be the first to let you know when it does.

SonosPro Lifestyle Shot Restaurant

With consumers returning to brick-and-mortar establishments, retail stores and restaurants are increasingly leveraging music, visuals, and scents to create memorable in-store experiences. Sonos Pro aims to simplify commercial audio by offering a powerful SaaS solution for businesses that works in tandem with their industry-leading hardware.

“Sonos Pro was designed to make it easy for brands to reinforce their vision and lifestyle through sound, with tools to curate content and create distinct sound experiences that resonate with customers,” said Audra Kinsley, VP and GM of Sonos Professional, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

SonosPro Dashboard 4

Key features of Sonos Pro include remote management capabilities, a web-based dashboard, Sonos Backgrounds (a commercially-licensed music service), compatibility with third-party streaming services, Sonos sound quality, and customizable systems that can easily scale with a growing business.

Priced at $35 USD per month per location, Sonos Pro aims to make it easier than ever for businesses to create an engaging and immersive sound experience for their customers.