Tesla App Trip Planner Feature Debuts in 4.20.69 Update

Tesla app trip planning


  • Tesla app now enables mobile trip planning with route, battery status, and Supercharging details.
  • App update includes route transfer to car and US Tesla Insurance claims scheduling.
  • Update allows phone key pairing without a key card

Tesla updated its iOS app today to version 4.20.69 (of all days) and added a feature that’s been highly requested by owners—the ability to see trip planning on mobile, just like in the car.

According to Tesla North, the change today means you can tap the ‘Location’ tab in the iPhone app’s main screen, enter a search destination, then see an overview of the route, along with your vehicle’s battery state of charge from start to finish.

If Supercharging is required, the location(s) are listed showing your battery’s percentage and how long you need to charge at each stop.

Previously, this trip planning information was only available inside Tesla vehicle displays, but this information is now available on mobile. You can also tap “Send to Car” to then send trip planning routes to your vehicle. This undocumented update of a trip planner in the app was spotted by @Tesla_App_iOS.

Before this feature was available in the Tesla app, many used the third-party app A Better Routeplanner to estimate their trips to determine battery usage. There’s still no ability to add multiple stops but we expect that to come sometime later in another update.

Today’s update also says “Phone Key pairing no longer requires your Key Card to complete,” which seems odd since it’s an extra security layer (although you do need to sign into the app before using it). Also new, “schedule service for Tesla Insurance claims for US customers” is now possible in the app.

Last month, the Tesla app was updated to bring enhanced navigation, showing your vehicle’s destination and estimated time of arrival. There was no overview of showing your trip and being able to enter in your car’s starting battery percentage.

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