Microsoft Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 Now Rolling Out Globally

Microsoft phone link


  • Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 enables seamless connectivity between Windows PCs and iOS devices.
  • Users gain basic iOS support for calls, messages, contacts, and iPhone photo access on their PC.
  • By mid-May, all Windows 11 users can access the feature with an easy setup process.

Microsoft has announced the global rollout of Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11, expected to reach 39 languages across 85 markets.

This expansion aims to remove barriers between Windows 11 PCs and iOS mobile devices says Microsoft, facilitating seamless connectivity and making it easier for users to stay in touch with their loved ones.

The company sought feedback from Windows Insiders during the preview phase to ensure the highest quality experience for users. With positive feedback like “this is exactly what I’ve been hoping for on my Windows PC,” Microsoft is excited to begin a gradual rollout, with all Windows 11 users enabled by mid-May.

Phone Link has been available to Android users for some time, granting instant access to phone features on Windows PCs.

But with the introduction of this PC/iOS Phone connection, Windows 11 customers can enjoy basic iOS support for calls, messages, and access to contacts while using their Windows PC. This brings a similar feature to how iPhone users can also use Messages on their Mac.

Also, iCloud integration with Photos enables easy access to iPhone photos on Windows 11 PCs through the Photos app. To begin using Phone Link or check if it’s enabled, users can search “Phone Link” in the Search box on their Windows taskbar and follow a guided step-by-step installation process.

Phone Link for iOS requires an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, a Windows 11 device, a Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app.

As of writing, it is not available for iPadOS or macOS, while messaging features are limited by iOS, with image/video sharing and group messaging not supported. Messages are session-based and will only come work when your smartphone is connected to your PC.