Canadian Uber Riders Lost Frozen Burgers, Teeth Sets, and More in 2023

The 2023 Uber Lost & Found Index provides a snapshot of riders’ most commonly forgotten, and most unique and interesting lost items.

Uber Canada Lost andFound Index 2023

The seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index highlights which cities were most forgetful, and which times of day and days of the week riders forgot items most.

Most importantly, it includes a step-by-step reminder for riders on how they can get any lost items back using the Uber app.

Clothing, phones, keys and wallets topped the list once again of the most commonly forgotten items, although riders left some very unusual items behind too.

This year, Uber Canada saw folks forget everything from frozen burgers to teeth sets to ping pong tables. Check out the full list below and let us know your favourite.

Top 10 most forgetful cities across Canada:

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Vancouver
  4. Edmonton
  5. Kitchener-Waterloo
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Calgary
  8. Toronto
  9. Ottawa
  10. London

Top 10 most commonly forgotten items across Canada:

  1. Article of clothing
  2. Backpack or bag
  3. Phone
  4. Headphones
  5. Jewelry
  6. Wallet or purse
  7. Vape or e-cig
  8. Laptop
  9. Watch
  10. Umbrella

The most forgetful day and time in Canada:

  • Sundays at 6PM
  • January 1, 2023

The 10 most unique items lost across Canada:

  1. Mattress cover, Saskatoon
  2. Purple sparkly leopard print high heel Kitchener-Waterloo
  3. Stove, Winnipeg
  4. A picture of 2Pac, Montreal
  5. Pack of frozen burgers, Ottawa
  6. Star Wars Yoda blanket, Hamilton
  7. Projector, Calgary
  8. Teeth set, Calgary
  9. Ping pong table, Toronto
  10. A pizza, Halifax

If you’re one of those people who left something behind, check out this help page.