Starlink Canada Promo: Save Over 70% Off Hardware at $199

Starlink $199 canada offer

SpaceX is extending a limited-time promotion to rural Canadian customers, offering a massive 74% discount on Starlink hardware, reducing the price to just $199 CAD, reports Tesla North.

This comes after a 54% discount offered back in March, making it an even more attractive deal for Canadians living in remote areas.

Promotions on social media platforms like Twitter emphasize the benefits of “Starlink – Internet from Space” and highlight the exclusive “Rural Canada Offer” for hardware. The promotion applies only to residential service in select rural Canadian regions.

To check eligibility, Canadians can simply enter their address on the Starlink website. The offer also extends to rural customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Starlink website states the following after an eligible address is received: “Congratulations! Your service address is eligible for the rural hardware offer. For a limited time, get your Starlink kit for over 70% off in select areas of rural Canada, Australia + New Zealand.”

The monthly service fee remains at $140 CAD, with the hardware now priced at $199 CAD, resulting in significant savings for eligible customers. SpaceX estimates shipping times for the hardware to be 1-2 weeks. Starlink also offers a no-contract, free 30-day trial.

For rural Canadians tired of dealing with slow or lack of high-speed internet from incumbents, this heavily discounted hardware offer could not come at a better time, just ahead of cottage season.

In addition to the promotion, Starlink recently removed the data cap on its standard plan, now offering unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet. The company has also updated its mobile app to provide better account management for current subscribers.

Starlink’s current internet plans include Standard and Priority for single locations, as well as Mobile and Mobile Priority plans for those seeking “on-the-go” internet access. The Standard and Mobile plans recommend basic hardware priced at $599 USD, while the Priority and Mobile Priority plans suggest the High Performance and Flat High Performance dishes at $2,500 USD.

The low-Earth satellite Starlink constellation will also soon power a global satellite phone service offered by SpaceX. In Canada, Rogers recently announced it will partner with SpaceX and Lynk Global to implement this service when it’s ready to be deployed in Canada.