Bell and Telus Revamp Unlimited Data Plans to Match Rogers

rogers telus bell plans 2023

Rogers, Telus and Bell unlimited data plans (my head hurts)

After Rogers discounted the price of some 5G plans and offered extra savings for Shaw customers yesterday, Bell and Telus have revamped their unlimited data plans in response, as expected.

Rogers debuted a $65/25GB 5G plan, while doubling the data for its entry $85 unlimited data plan to 50GB. The company also said 5G network access will soon be available for all wireless customers, at no extra cost.

Today, Bell changed their unlimited data plans in response to the Rogers changes, with plans now as follows:

  • Promo 25: $65/25GB (was 15GB); data overages are $20/1GB up to 8GB; $0.02/MB afterwards
  • Essential 50: $85/50GB (was 25GB)
  • Ultimate 100 – CAN/U.S.: $105/100GB (was $110)
  • Lite: $60/15GB for additional lines
  • Removed: $95/50GB Ultimate 50 plan

Telus also changed their plans as well, now offering the following plans that are all with 5G+ speeds up to 1Gbps:

  • Essential 25 4G: $65 (non-shareable)
  • Unlimited 50 5G+: $85/50GB (was 25GB)
  • Unlimited 75 5G+: $90/75GB (was 50GB)
  • Unlimited 100 5G+: $100/100GB
  • Unlimited CAN-US 100 5G+: $110/100GB
  • Removed: Unlimited 25 5G+ for $85

Here’s a brief overview of plans from the ‘Big 3’ as of today. Notice how Telus is the only one offering a 75GB plan for $90, while its 25GB 4G plan has speeds only up to 100 Mbps, whereas Rogers and Bell are at up to 250 Mbps.

rogers telus bell plans

Rogers, Telus and Bell continue to tweak and change their data allotments and pricing for unlimited plans at a dizzying pace. Just back in March, we had 45GB and 60GB data buckets from Bell, for example, but those are out the window. One thing has remained constant though, and that’s paying at least $85 per month if you want an ‘unlimited’ data plan with 5G+ speeds from the ‘Big 3’.