Google Photos Gets Incredible AI Editing Feature

Google Photos Magic Editor Ballo width 1200 format webp

Google has announced an exciting new feature for Google Photos Magic Editor, that promises to revolutionize the photo editing experience for its users.

Since its introduction in 2015, Google Photos has consistently utilized artificial intelligence to enhance users’ interaction with their images, offering automated photo organization, recollection, and advanced editing tools like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur.

The recent unveiling of Magic Editor at today’s Google I/O event introduces a crazy editing feature that harnesses the power of generative AI, allowing users to transform their photos and simplify the editing process.

This innovative tool provides users with the ability to make edits to specific elements of an image, such as the subject, sky, or background. All with a few taps. The image below showed people in the background removed, the bag strap deleted and the sky turned blue, while also moving the subject’s hand underneath the waterfall:

Magic Editor is also designed to assist users in refining the overall composition of their photos by enabling them to reposition the subject of their shots to the most effective spot. In addition, users can create new content to fill in any gaps that result from repositioning the subject, using the power of generative AI to generate a seamless blend with the existing image.

Google has announced plans to provide early access to Magic Editor for selected Pixel phones later this year. While this experimental technology will introduce fun editing possibilities, Google says results may not always align with users’ expectations. Naturally, user feedback will be crucial in refining the tool over time it says.

AI has significantly simplified photo editing tasks over the past few years, and with these tools, Google Photos users collectively edit 1.7 billion photos each month. Can’t wait to test out this Magic Editor feature in Google Photos.