Hands-On: Google Pixel 7a Unboxing [PICS]

Google pixel 7a unboxing 1

Google unveiled its Pixel 7a smartphone today at its Google I/O developer conference.

This new smartphone is the successor to last year’s Pixel 6a and includes an upgrade to the latest in-house Tensor G2 chip. We had the chance to go hands-on with the Pixel 7a and here are some unboxing pictures in Sea (blue).

Google pixel 7a unboxing 3

Inside the box, you’ll get the Pixel 7a, a USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter, plus a SIM ejector tool. Everything in the box is either cardboard or paper, which is great to see:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 4

Here’s the front of the Pixel 7a before you peel off the protective paper layer on the display:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 5

Here’s the Pixel 7a Case in white. It’s thin and has a cut-out for the rear camera bar:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 13

This case has a soft touch but it’s also not very slippery. We did find it can easily attract dust like the back of the Pixel 7a as well:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 12

The case is fairly thin as you can see from the back when the Pixel 7a is inside. It’s a very snug fit and this will definitely protect your phone from drops and bumps:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 14

Quick comparison pictures to the Google Pixel 7 for those interested:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 7

We noticed the Pixel 6a has an extra antenna band on the top versus the Pixel 7:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 11

Overall, the design aesthetic takes a lot of visual cues from its older sibling the Pixel 7:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 10

Here’s the bottom showing the speakers and USB-C port:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 9

One difference though is the Pixel 7 camera bar is seamlessly integrated into the frame, but on the Pixel 7a it’s separate:

Google pixel 7a unboxing 8

After a quick hands-on with the Pixel 7a, we can say the Tensor G2 chip makes the phone very, very snappy as launching some apps side-by-side with a Pixel 7 beat the latter by a smidgeon. The phone feels like any other recent Pixel in the hand and with Android, there are more than enough apps available tied to your Google Account. If you held out for the Pixel 7a, this might be the one to get if you’re into an A-series smartphone from Google.

Google Pixel 7a Canadian pricing is at $599 CAD and is available for pre-order today, with delivery as soon as May 12 in our area. You get free Pixel Buds A-Series with your purchase or 50% off Pixel Buds Pro.