Spotify Removes Thousands of AI-Generated Songs, Cracking Down on New Policies

Spotify has effectively removed thousands of AI-generated songs from the streaming platform. One AI start-up company, named Boomy, has become the brunt of the focus.

Over the last few months, Spotify has seen an overwhelming number of AI-assisted tracks and songs make their way to the platform. Many users have expressed growing concern over the trajectory of Spotify if it allows AI-generated content to filter through the app.

As reported by the Financial Times, Spotify has removed an estimated seven percent of Boomy’s uploaded content. While that percentage seems meek, this crackdown resulted in removing “tens of thousands” of songs.

Boomy launched in 2021 and built a name for itself by enabling users to create their own musical tracks by selecting various descriptions. Users can select styles like ‘Relaxing Meditation’ or ‘Global Groove’. The service then creates an AI-generated track which users can use at their discretion and even upload to music services to generate royalty payments. An estimated 14 million songs have been created.

“Artificial streaming is a longstanding, industry-wide issue that Spotify is working to stamp out across our service,” the company said in a statement to Financial Times.

AI has been creating a growing concern within the music industry. AI has been used to create fake tracks featuring real artists. This has especially become a viral trend on TikTok where artists are made to look and sound as if they are covering an existing song.

It’s said that Boomy is continuing to submit new tracks to Spotify. However, both sides are negotiating over the reinstation of the company’s entire catalogue. It remains to be seen how Spotify’s policies protecting artists may address further concerns over AI-generated content as it becomes more popular.