Chipolo Launches Trackers Exclusively for Google’s Find My Device

Chipolo has launched the Chipolo ONE Point and Chipolo CARD Point, designed exclusively for Android devices with support for Google’s Find My Device.


With a simple press of the Chipolo device, you can seamlessly connect it to your Android phone. Once set up, you can locate your items using the extensive network of Google’s Find My Device.

For those who aren’t familiar, Google’s upcoming Find My Device network will let users locate products other than their phone, like headphones, tablets, and more.

Currently, Find My Device can only help you locate misplaced devices that have location capabilities and are connected to the internet. But later this summer, a refreshed Find My Device experience will let you track your devices even when they’re offline.

Chipolo pairing

Here’s how the new Chipolo ONE Point and Chipolo CARD Point can assist you in finding your belongings:

  • Make it ring: When your items go missing, the Chipolo Point emits a loud sound, making it easier to locate them quickly.
  • Find nearby: Utilize the Find My Device app to receive distance hints, guiding you to the precise location of your misplaced items.
  • Locate far away: The power of Google’s Find My Device network allows you to track the whereabouts of your belongings on a map.

Pairing the new Chipolo Bluetooth trackers is also super easy. Simply press the button on your Chipolo Point device, and a pop-up will appear on your Android phone, guiding you through the setup.

Order Chipolo

The new Chipolo ONE Point and Chipolo CARD Point are now available to preorder starting at US $28.