Telus Health Launches ‘Total Mental Health’ Solution

Telus Health today unveiled ‘Total Mental Health’, offering a solution for businesses to support employees. This solution gives employees unlimited access to a team of care professionals, who devise personalized care journeys involving mental health counselling, therapist-led iCBT programs, digital tools, and regular feedback.

Through a company’s health benefits, Total Mental Health harnesses Telus Health’s technology to provide comprehensive mental health support through what it says is Canada’s largest and most diverse network of counsellors.

Telus total mental health

“Mental health issues in the workplace have escalated to crisis levels nationwide. Our recent studies indicate that four out of five Canadian managers are assisting at least one employee grappling with a mental health problem,” said Neil King, Managing Director, Employer Solutions, Telus Health, in a statement. “Total Mental Health aims to mitigate this crisis and dismantle barriers, enabling employees to access high-quality, tailored mental health care as and when needed.”

The platform guarantees immediate round-the-clock support, unlimited counselling across various modes, and personalized care journeys developed in tandem with care navigators. It also equips employees with user-friendly digital tools to monitor their mental health progress and receive regular feedback from their care team.

“Unrestricted access to personalized support at any time in diverse ways is the innovative approach we need to aid employees feeling vulnerable about their mental health,” said Dr. Matthew Chow, Chief Mental Health Officer at Telus Health.

The latest Telus Health Mental Health Index indicates a persistent lack of support, with 33% of workers reporting a high mental health risk and an additional 44% indicating a moderate risk. About 8% of Canadian workers consider their mental health to be in crisis, and two out of five workers have suffered a traumatic event that has negatively impacted their mental health.

Total Mental Health also incorporates features of well-being that assist employees in managing personal or work-related issues ranging from financial counselling, legal aid, and nutrition to child and elder care solutions.