Virgin Plus Launches 20GB and 30GB Plans from $39/month

Virgin Plus website

Bell’s Virgin Plus, like other its other rivals, has revamped its plan offerings, yet again.

Yesterday, Virgin Plus had the following plans:

  • $55/8GB
  • $62/15GB
  • $67/20GB

Fast forward to today, and the company has reduced its offerings like Fido. Now we have the following plans for bring your own device:

  • $39/20GB
  • $45/30GB (after $5/month credit for 24 months)

The $39/20GB return after it was initially launched by Freedom Mobile. The $45/30GB plan undercuts the $50/30GB plan that debuted on Koodo today (which is also being offered by Freedom). Meanwhile, Koodo has a $62/50GB plan, the only flanker brand to offer a 50GB offering.

On the weekend, Virgin Plus had a $55/50GB plan available, but it was quickly removed this week. Are you dizzy yet?

Seems like Freedom Mobile is actually bringing down some prices over at flanker brands, making the ‘Big 3’ play along. Let’s wait and see what’s the next move by all of these companies, stay tuned.