New Koodo Promo Plans Offer 30GB and 50GB Data

Chalk this up as another round of musical chairs for Telus-owned Koodo as it continues to tweak its promo plan pricing.

Yesterday, Koodo brought back its $39/20GB promo plan, while ramping up its $62 and $67 per month plans by increasing data to 25GB and 30GB respectively. These plans included up to $120 in bill credits over 24 months, resulting in $5/month off. That was after Koodo briefly offered a $55/50GB plan for all before taking it away.

On Thursday, Koodo has revamped its plan offerings yet again. The $39/20GB plan that came back yesterday remains, but new are the following plans:

  • $50/30GB (1 free perk: Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS, Rollover Data)
  • $62/50GB (normally $67; 1 free perk as above but adds Speed Boost or Unlimited Long Distance Pack too)

koodo plans may 2023

Koodo says the $62/50GB plan offer ends on May 23, 2023.

The $50/30GB plan matches Fido (after Auto-Pay), but the latter is offering $5/month off for 24 months, taking it down to a potential $45/30GB plan.

Virgin Plus is currently offering a $45/30GB plan after a $5/month off credit for 24 months that undercuts Koodo, but also matches Fido. Is your head spinning yet?

As of writing, we’re seeing the following bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plans being offered from these ‘Big 3’ flanker brands…

  • $39/20GB (Koodo/Fido/Virgin Plus)
  • $50/30GB (Koodo)
  • $45/30GB (Fido/Virgin Plus)
  • $62/50GB (Koodo)

Again, these new plans are for new activations only. Expect Koodo to match Fido and Virgin Plus by knocking $5 off their $50/30GB plan, anytime now…