Why Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Quebec’s Poutine

Google doodle poutine

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating a Canadian dish that has won over taste buds worldwide: poutine. If you head over to Google.ca, you’ll see the new Doodle showing off a picture of poutine, a classic Québécois dish.

As for why Google picked today, May 19, to show poutine some love with its latest Doodle? Google says it was on this day in 2014 that “poutine” was officially added to the English Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Poutine is a dish with fries, cheese curds, and gravy, that hails from Quebec but has found its way into the hearts and kitchens of Canadians across the country. The dish has been adapted and reinvented with internationally inspired ingredients and toppings, creating a culinary mosaic just like the Canadian population.

According to Google Search data, some of the top internationally inspired poutine dishes in Canada include Poutine rapée, Shawarma poutine, Samosa poutine, Butter chicken poutine, and Poutine general tao.

The top searches for “poutine with” in Canada reveal a variety of unique toppings, including breakfast poutine with hollandaise sauce, poutine with pulled pork, poutine with smoked meat, pickle poutine with peanut butter gravy, and poutine with ground beef.

The top questions on poutine in Canada include “What is poutine?”, “How to make poutine”, “Is poutine vegetarian?”, “Where was poutine invented?”, and “Who invented poutine?”. It seems like Canadians can’t get enough poutine (especially at Costco).

Google asked three YouTubers to share their favourite poutine dishes–check it out below:

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

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