Apple Watch Green Screen Tint Issue Reported by WatchOS 9.5 Users

Following the recent watchOS 9.5 update, numerous Apple Watch users are experiencing an unusual green tint appearing on their watch displays (via MacRumors).

Apple watch green tint

(Image via Reddit)

Noticeable when accessing certain UI elements, the issue seems to plague Apple Watch Series 8 and older models with earlier versions appearing to be more severely affected.

Users have observed the green tint while entering the passcode, accessing the Control Center, and viewing notifications.

Notably, fewer reports have emerged from Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra users, suggesting a lower incidence on these Apple Watch models.

While some individuals have speculated that Apple may have deliberately added the green tint, it is unlikely as most users find it unattractive and out of place.

One user described it as resembling a “washed out LCD” screen, a far cry from the vibrant OLED blacks they are accustomed to on their watches.

How to Fix Green Screen Tint Problem on Apple Watch?

While the exact cause of this peculiar tint remains unclear, user reports indicate that it emerged after the watchOS 9.5 update released last week, suggesting a software-related issue rather than a hardware malfunction.

Certain users have resolved the problem by restarting their watches, but others have not achieved the same outcome.

In the past, Apple has resolved color tint issues on iPhones that were caused by software bugs.

If this green tint problem is also software-related, it should be possible for Apple to address it in the watchOS 9.6 update.