Prehistoric Planet 2 Begins Streaming on Apple TV+ Today

The second season of the critically acclaimed natural history Apple TV+ series Prehistoric Planet returns. Once again, Apple is hosting a week-long event with a new episode of the series debuting each day across five days.

Prehistoric Planet 2 takes viewers back millions of years to discover new species of dinosaurs that roamed the earth. The second iteration of the series includes the likes of never-before-seen species on-screen such as the Isisaurus, Pectinodon, Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx.

The series has been recognized for combining award-winning wildlife filmmaking with state-of-the-art technology to render and show these species of inhabitants from a bygone age on our planet. Executive producer Jon Favreau returns alongside Mike Gunton. The series is also produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit. MPC, which has worked on the likes of the live-action adaptation of The Lion King and Jungle Book, contribute support with their photorealistic visual effects.

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Prehistoric Planet 2 features a theme created by Hans Zimmer and Andrew Christie for Bleeding Fingers Music. An original score has been composed by Zimmer, Anže Rozman and Kara Talve for Bleeding Fingers Music.

The premier of the new season of Prehistoric Planet is now available to stream in Canada. The first episode is dubbed ‘Islands’. The season will continue to roll out on a daily basis throughout the week. It will conclude on Friday, May 26th with the fifth episode of the new season.

The first season of Prehistoric Planet is also available to stream in its entirety on Apple TV+. The series first debuted a year ago on May 23rd, 2022.

Apple TV+ is available in Canada for $8.99 per month.