Microsoft Announces AI Integrations at Build 2023, Including Windows Copilot

Today, Microsoft Build 2023 kicks off in Seattle. To start, CEO Satya Nadella held a keynote, leading to a series of announcements.

For the uninitiated, Microsoft Build is an annual conference designed to speak to developers, engineers, and even consumers. Rather than be a hardware showcase, Microsoft Build discusses new innovations within Bing, Microsoft 365, Azure, and other software. Microsoft Build 2023 saw the confirmation that the company is doubling down on its vision for AI. The company aims to have Windows become “the first PC platform to centralize AI assistance.”

AI-powered Copilots

Since the start of the year, Microsoft has been pursuing a deeper partnership with OpenAI and ChatGPT. During Microsoft Build, it was revealed that the company is expanding its Copilot ecosystem to Windows 11 with Copilot in Power BI and Copilot in Power Pages in preview, Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. As the company describes, copilots are utilizing AI and large language models (LLMs). Each of these will be available in preview soon. Windows Copilot is also expected to be previewed in June.

Source: Microsoft

A series of new features are being integrated in order to help developers build their own Copilots and next-gen AI apps. This includes new plugins to enable copilots to interact with other pieces of software In early May, Microsoft announced ChatGPT plugins for Bing. Now, Bing Chat plugins are arriving on Windows. Throughout Build 2023, Microsoft describes these plugins as tools enabling LLMs to speak and connect with various application programming interfaces (APIs). 

Looking at first-party plugins, Microsoft is strengthening its relationship with OpenAI by leveraging ChatGPT into a new Microsoft 365 Copilot. Announced today, three types of plugins are being designed for the copilot. This includes ChatGPT plugins, Teams messages extensions as well as Power Platform connectors. Microsoft 365 Early Access Program will have access to over 50 plugins including Atlassian, Adobe, ServiceNow, and more. 1,000s of third-party plugins are expected to come in months ahead. 

New AI plugins

Using the new plugin tools, ChatGPT and Bing Chat can now interact and have deeper engagement with third-party apps. For instance, users may use an OpenTable plugin and have Bing Chat find and book a reservation for them. Additional plug-in support is being extended to Spotify, Zillow, Instacart, Kayak, and more. Bing Chat will have the same open standard that OpenAI has for ChatGPT. This means that many of ChatGPT’s plugins will be compatible across Microsoft’s copilots.

Source: Microsoft

During Microsoft Build 2023, the company announced the new default search experience in ChatGPT is powered by Bing. Today, ChatGPT Plus members can start using this experience. For free members, a plugin will be available in the new future.

New Microsoft Edge look and integrations

Microsoft’s Edge browser also got some love during the event. The company revealed that its Microsoft 365 Copilot is also being built into Edge. Users will soon be able to use the 365 Copilot to combine LLMs, 465 apps, and Microsoft Graph data such as calendar, emails, and chats. 

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft also reveals that Edge is getting a makeover. The new design draws “the modern elegance of Windows 11.” Thus, Edge will receive new rounded corners, translucent backgrounds, fluid animations, and UI changes. The user profile icon has moved to a new location. There’s also the ability to view multiple items at once.

Across the Microsoft ecosystem

The Microsoft Store will also gain new AI enhancements. A new built-in section on the storefront is being built to showcase AI experiences built by Microsoft and its developer community. Dubbed the AI Hub, Microsoft is introducing a space to educate users on ways AI can integrate with productivity, creativity, and more. Part of this hub introduces AI-generated review summaries, and AI-generated keywords, as well as bolsters discoverability.