Freedom Mobile’s $50/40GB Canada-US Plan Slaps Rogers, Telus, Bell

freedom mobile 50 40gb canada usa

Well, I guess this is Videotron’s ‘FAFO’ message to Canada’s ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers. The company’s subsidiary Freedom Mobile has launched a new $50 Canada-US plan that includes talk, text and data, at a far cheaper price than incumbents.

With marketing that also touts it as “two countries, one sweet deal”, Freedom Mobile includes 40GB of LTE data, available nationwide and in the U.S. Yes, that means the 40GB of LTE data works outside of your home zone.

This Canada-US 40GB plan is priced at $50 with Digital Discount (after pre-authorized credit card payments) and includes unlimited calling to and from both countries and unlimited text.

If you need a Canada/US plan from Rogers, Telus or Bell? You’ll need to fork out $105/month for a 5G plan that includes 150GB of data. If you can control your data needs, paying $50 for a Canada/US plan seems more economical.

For existing Freedom Mobile customers paying $50 per month for a phone plan, you should switch over to this 40GB plan, as the US addition makes it easy for travelling down south. You won’t have to worry about any extra roaming charges.

Freedom Mobile still charges a $45 one-time connection fee for all new lines or device activations and upgrades. If you ask for it, you might have luck getting this fee waived at retail locations.

Back in April, Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau said if the ‘Big 3’ don’t react to Freedom Mobile price cuts, “they are going to lose significant market share.” Rogers has already stated they will “not be undersold” in response to price drops from Freedom Mobile.

Who’s switching to this $50/40GB Freedom Mobile Canada/US plan?