PDF Expert Now Supports Sidecar and Continuity Camera

PDF Expert has just added support for two more features into its platform i.e. Sidecar and Continuity Camera, offering Apple users a seamless PDF editing experience.


Sidecar is a game-changer for those who have faced the frustration of limited screen space when working with complex PDF documents on their Mac.

The feature allows your iPad to be utilized as a second display, providing extra real estate to accommodate your PDF editing needs. Even on the go, iPad users with compatible MacBooks can set up a dual-screen office setup.

The benefits of Sidecar in PDF Expert include:

  • Easier handling of large PDF documents that require more screen space.
  • Seamlessly working with multiple PDFs simultaneously.
  • Utilizing touchscreen functionality for smooth navigation.
  • Taking advantage of your iPad as a portable second display, enabling work from anywhere.
  • Simultaneously playing a video on one screen while taking notes in your PDF on another.


Continuity Camera, the other new addition to PDF Expert, transforms your iPhone into a webcam for your Mac. By eliminating the hassle of scanning and editing multi-page PDFs, Continuity Camera saves time and enhances scan accuracy, reducing errors.

Continuity Camera in PDF Expert can be utilized for:

  • Elevating online presentations with greater flexibility through features like Center Stage and Desk View
  • Instantly capturing photos of handwritten pages or drawings with your iPad camera and editing them on your Mac
  • Importing images, such as receipts, photographs, screenshots, or hand-drawn designs for inclusion in a PDF document

PDF Expert has also incorporated Apple Pencil hover support into its platform, enabling a whole new level of interaction. This feature allows users to preview their marks up to 12 mm above the display before making them.

Whether you’re a student, researcher, designer, architect, or engineer, this feature will enhance precision and accuracy in PDF editing for study, work, or creative purposes.

You can download the latest version of PDF Expert for iPad and Mac here.