Here is iFixit’s 15-inch MacBook Air Teardown [VIDEO]

15-inch macbook air teardown

In a teardown shared today by iFixit, the new 15-inch MacBook Air was put under the microscope to assess its repairability and overall design. We get a good look at the guts within this new MacBook Air that was announced at WWDC.

The video begins with an x-ray of the larger MacBook Air, revealing a layout similar to previous models, with a few minor differences. The teardown process uncovers the new six-speaker system, including the force-cancelling woofers, and the logic board. The logic board removal process was described as a “miserable experience” due to the numerous connectors and screws that needed to be removed.

The MacBook Air’s fanless design was also discussed, with iFixit noting that while a missing fan can’t fail, the laptop may run hot or throttle itself under load. The video also highlights the MacBook Air’s battery, which is 25% larger than the 13-inch model but provides the same estimated runtime of around 15-18 hours.

The teardown also reveals a supersized trackpad with circuitry functionally identical to the 13-inch model, just spread out a bit more. The video concludes with a repairability score of 3 out of 10 for the MacBook Air powered by M2, noting that Apple could earn up to two more points for parts and manuals.

Check out the teardown video below:

YouTube video

The video provides a detailed look at the internals of the MacBook Air, offering valuable insights for those interested in the design and repairability of Apple’s latest laptop. However, it also highlights the challenges of repairing the device, with numerous connectors and screws making the process complex and time-consuming. Yeah, you likely won’t be fixing your own MacBook Air unless you love to destroy things yourself.

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