PM Justin Trudeau Slaps Meta: ‘We’re Not Backing Down’ [VIDEO]

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Yesterday, the federal government and also the Quebec government announced it was pulling advertising off Meta platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

The fight comes after the Online News Act, which wants tech giants such as Google and Meta to pay news media when readers share links on their platforms. Both Google and Meta have announced they will be pulling access to Canadian news off their platforms over the new legislation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday in Quebec, blasted Meta, amid the government’s news that it was pulling ads off Facebook and Instagram.

“This is not just a dispute over advertising, it’s also a dispute over democracy,” said Trudeau. “It’s a question of recognizing the role that internet giants like Facebook, Meta, Google and others have in our lives and therefore a responsibility that they also wield.”

YouTube video

Canada believes there may be a way forward with Google as negotiations continue, but Meta seems like it’s done with the government.

“We’re continuing constructive conversations with Google. Unfortunately, Facebook has just refused to recognize any sort of responsibility it might have in contributing to a democracy,” said Trudeau.

Trudeau said, “We’re not backing down on this, this goes to the core of a free and informed society that is able to take responsible decisions in a democracy.” It’s going to be hilarious if the government concedes at some point after these strong words.

“Citizens need to have access to quality, local news, quality content, quality journalism, that is properly paid. Facebook doesn’t want to recognize the hard work of professional journalists across the country is something that undermines the very fabric of our democracy,” explained the Prime Minister.

“Canada and allies around the world are going to stand strong and demonstrate that we will not flinch in our defense of fundamental, foundational principles to democracy like a free quality informed press,” said Trudeau.

“The federal government could not in good conscience continue to spend taxpayer dollars, buying services from a company that is demonstrated that it doesn’t respect Canadian democracy and the pillars of Canadian democracy,” he continued to say. Eat that, Mark Zuckerberg, right?

What do you think of the Online News Act? Who is going to win the war of words between Canada and Meta?

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