Apple’s Former Design Chief Creates $60,000 Record Player

Former Apple design chief Jony Ive, since leaving Apple in 2019 to establish LoveFrom, has now unveiled his first hardware project post-Apple, a special edition record player called the Sondek LP12-50.


Designed in collaboration with British audio brand Linn, the LP12-50 commemorates the 50th anniversary of the record player. Ive describes it as a “gentle and modest project” motivated by the team’s admiration for Linn.

While Ive’s designs at Apple, such as iPods and Airpods, revolutionized digital music, Linn’s LP12 holds its own as an analog, high-end turntable catering to audiophiles.

Launched in 1973, the LP12 offers modular components that can be upgraded over time, allowing users to enhance their listening experience by swapping out different parts.

The LP12-50 project began when Linn CEO Gilad Tiefenbrun received a surprising DM on LinkedIn from Ive’s assistant, expressing interest in a collaboration.

Initially dismissing it as spam, Tiefenbrun eventually retrieved the message and connected with Ive, who happened to be in search of a turntable himself and had a long-standing affinity for Linn.

After discussing Linn’s upcoming anniversary, Ive promptly expressed his desire to work on a special edition LP12.

LP1250 1

LP1250 2

Over the course of nearly a year, engineers from Linn and designers from LoveFrom meticulously assessed each component of the LP12.

While some elements couldn’t be altered due to their impact on audio quality, the teams focused on refining various details to enhance the product.

The LP12-50 retains the same silhouette as its predecessor but introduces smooth-curved corners on the deck, complementing the roundness of the tone arm and platter.

LoveFrom also reimagined two key touch points on the LP12. A new charcoal aluminum circle replaces the plastic rocker power button, while a custom hinge enables the dust cover to float effortlessly at any angle. Both components are machined in-house by Linn.

Perhaps most surprising is that LoveFrom completed the LP12-50 project pro bono, without any financial arrangement with Linn.

The limited edition LP12-50 is priced at a whopping $60,000 and is restricted to just 250 units.

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