Meta Planning to Offer Ad-Free Instagram, Facebook for $14/Month

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is considering a monthly subscription fee for European users who wish to enjoy these platforms without advertisements, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Meta opt out of algorith

The proposed monthly fee, dubbed “SNA” (subscription no ads), would allow users to opt for an ad-free experience or continue accessing the platforms with personalized ads.

The move comes as Meta seeks to navigate the stringent European Union regulations that require user consent before displaying personalized advertisements, which are a primary source of revenue for the company.

Meta presented this proposal to privacy regulators in Ireland and digital competition regulators in Brussels during meetings held in September.

It has also been shared with other EU privacy regulators for their feedback.

Under the SNA plan, European users could choose to pay approximately €10 a month (around $10.50) for an ad-free experience on Facebook or Instagram on desktop. Additional linked accounts would cost roughly €6 each.

On mobile devices, the subscription price would rise to €13 (around $14) a month due to commissions imposed by Apple’s and Google’s app stores on in-app payments.


This subscription option marks a significant departure from Meta’s longstanding stance of providing free services supported by advertising. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has emphasized that free access to core services should be available to people of all income levels.

However, this move is primarily aimed at complying with EU regulations, which demand user consent for personalized ads.

It remains uncertain whether regulators in Ireland or Brussels will approve the proposed plan or request more affordable or free ad-supported versions that do not rely on personalized ads.

One concern raised by some is whether the subscription fees might make the ad-free option too costly for many users, even if they prefer not to have their data used for ad targeting.

Meta, in response, maintains its commitment to “free services supported by personalized ads” while exploring ways to comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

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