Meta Paying Celebrities Millions for Fictional AI Chatbots

Meta is shelling out substantial sums to renowned personalities like Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and Kendall Jenner for the use of their likenesses in fictional AI chatbots, the New York Post is reporting.

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One prominent content creator is set to receive a staggering $5 million from Meta over a span of two years, in exchange for just six hours of studio work, according to the publication.

Meta has demonstrated its determination to secure high-profile names by reportedly paying over $1 million to each of these celebrities for the rights to use their likenesses.

These arrangements are non-exclusive, granting the celebrities the freedom to explore other AI-related projects if they so desire.

A Meta spokesperson shared, “We shared plans at [Meta] Connect that will be bringing AI experiences for creators to our platforms in the future.”

At a recent developer conference, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled an AI personal assistant that can interact with users via any of Meta’s messaging apps. Additionally, he introduced a roster of AI characters, describing them as “a bit more fun.”

These characters, such as “Max the sous chef” and “Lily, a personal editor and writing partner,” engage users in human-like conversations.

Tom Brady, who recently earned millions as a pitchman for cryptocurrency platform FTX, takes on the role of Bru, a “wisecracking sports debater.” Other sports stars like Dwyane Wade and Naomi Osaka also join the AI chatbot cast.

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Meta has tapped into the talents of real-life chef Roy Choi for the character Max, while Snoop Dogg appears as a “Dungeon Master” in a distinctive red-collared cape, encouraging users to “get medieval.”

Paris Hilton becomes Amber, a “forensic specialist” skilled in solving crimes, while Charli D’Amelio portrays Coco, a dancer.

Meta’s strategic move aims to attract a younger audience, particularly those who have gravitated toward TikTok, a major competitor. Artificial intelligence plays a central role in this endeavor.

Meta had earlier released Llama 2, its next-generation AI large language model, offering it for both research and commercial use.

The company is also working on incorporating voice capabilities into these chatbots, which are currently text-based.

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