Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde Review

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Dyson, a brand synonymous with innovation, has once again pushed the boundaries with its latest offering – the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde. As the name suggests, this air purifier is substantial in size, making it an ideal choice for larger rooms or open spaces. But does its performance justify the hefty price tag of $1,399.99 CAD? Let’s dive in.

True to its name, the Big+Quiet Formaldehyde (we tested the Dyson-exclusive BP04 version) is indeed big. Its size is immediately noticeable, and it’s clear that this purifier is designed with spacious areas in mind. The box it comes in is equally huge as well, so much so that delivery drivers will be annoyed enough to let it get abused (look at our box above).

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The top portion of the air purifier needs to just sit on top of the main unit, then you rotate to lock it in. Next, you just plug in the Dyson and set it up through the MyDyson app—that’s it. The included remote control neatly attaches magnetically to exterior of the purifier, ensuring it doesn’t get lost. But for those with app control. You won’t be needing the remote control whatsoever.

Here’s what it looks like put together:

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While it might be overkill for a small bedroom or condo, but it’s perfect for living rooms, open-plan areas, or office spaces. The size is hard to ignore and the design reminds us of R2-D2 or a huge garbage can.

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The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde doesn’t just bank on its size. It comes packed with features that ensure optimal air purification. The device boasts the ability to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. It’s especially good at detecting and destroying formaldehyde, a common indoor pollutant. The exclusive K-Carbon filter, specific to the BP04 model we tested, captures three times more nitrogen dioxide, a significant advantage over the retail version of the air purifier. The real-time CO₂ monitoring is a standout feature, alerting users when levels exceed recommended volumes.

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The MyDyson app integration is a welcome addition, allowing users to control the purifier remotely and get insights into air quality. The device also supports smart home voice services, adding a layer of convenience. The design and interface of the MyDyson app is one of the better smart apps we’ve used, when it comes to this air purifier. It’s just so slick and gives you so much data on the pollutants in your home. You can even see the timeline of air quality in your room and the ‘Auto Target’ (referring to the automatic setting air quality target).

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If you enter in your location, you can see the air quality outside and also inside your home, with colour-coding to quickly let you see if it’s good or bad, within the MyDyson app. There’s an auto mode to let the Dyson control fan speed and angle automatically, or you can take over at any time with a few taps.

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When we were finishing off some ribs under the broiler, the Dyson detected air quality had changed in the room from good to fair. The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet had ramped up its auto fan speed as it detected the higher levels of particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air from the sauce on the ribs getting caramelized. I ended up turning the fan speed to its max setting to see how long it would take before air quality was back to good (green) and it took about 15 minutes in an open concept kitchen, dining room and living room. Not too shabby.

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At $1,399.99 CAD, the Dyson-exclusive BP04 model is undoubtedly a premium product that will require you to open your wallet. The inclusion of the K-Carbon filter and real-time CO₂ sensor does add value, but the price might be a deterrent for some.

At a time when forest fire smoke and allergens are becoming more too common in the spring and summer, the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde as an investment looks to ensure your family has clean air to breathe. The size is also one heck of a conversation starter when friends and family come over.

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The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP04 is a powerhouse, designed for those who prioritize air quality and have ample space to accommodate its size. While its price is on the higher side, the advanced features and superior performance make it a worthy investment for those who can afford it (it’s a Dyson, what more can we say?). If you have a large space and are looking for a top-tier air purifier that’s quiet, the BP04 is hard to beat. Just be prepared that it will be big (but also quiet).

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