Uber Launches Mythbusting Campaign in Toronto

Uber has kicked off a campaign in Toronto to dispel myths and showcase its positive influence in the city. The initiative includes advertisements on social media, Bike Share stations, print, and TV.

Uber toronto

Amid discussions in fall about Uber’s impact in Toronto, the company aims to provide accurate information before the Exec meeting in February and Council session in March.

The company clarifies that although 52,000 rideshare drivers are licensed, only a small percentage is on the road simultaneously. Drivers value flexibility, with 7% on the road at any given hour.

Contrary to beliefs, drivers earn a median of $33.35/hour in Toronto. Uber and UFCW Canada advocate for a 120% minimum earning standard.

Uber also refutes claims of being anti-union, highlighting a 2022 agreement with UFCW Canada, providing representation services and advocating for drivers.

Addressing environmental concerns, Uber commits to becoming a zero-emission platform in Canada by 2030. Drivers on the Uber app in Canada and the US are transitioning to electric vehicles rapidly.


Furthermore, Uber is challenging the perception of being bad for transit, stating that almost half of Canadian riders use Uber to connect to public transportation.

Contrary to claims about traffic congestion, the City of Toronto’s analysis reveals that ridesharing contributes only 3.3% to total traffic.

Research indicates that ridesharing can reduce the need for private car ownership.

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