Apple Eyes Startup Brighter AI to Boost Privacy Features in Vision Pro

Apple is reportedly in the process of acquiring Brighter AI, a German-based startup known for its expertise in anonymizing face and license plate data (via 9to5Mac).

Apple privacy jpg

Sources suggest Apple’s interest in Brighter AI stems from its desire to enhance privacy features within the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple hopes to utilize Brighter AI’s technology to mitigate the risk of Apple Vision Pro capturing identifiable information in publicly taken videos or photos. While typical iPhone footage doesn’t pose such concerns, the discreet video shooting capability of Apple Vision Pro raises privacy considerations.

This potential acquisition holds promise for future devices designed to make photo and video capture less conspicuous. Apple Vision Pro, although featuring a subtle visual cue during media capture, may benefit from Brighter AI’s advanced privacy technology.

Apple is no stranger to implementing privacy measures, evident in its existing technology to blur faces and license plates in Apple Maps imagery.

The company employs image blurring technology before publishing any Maps imagery, ensuring the privacy of individuals captured during the mapping process.

Apple AI startup jpeg

Brighter AI also stands out for offering AI technology that goes beyond traditional blurring methods. The company’s Deep Natural Anonymization 2.0 technology doesn’t simply blur; it alters images to render subjects unrecognizable while preserving their natural appearance.

Founded in 2017, Brighter AI received its last investor funding in February 2023, making it a notable target for Apple’s acquisition plans.

The acquisition is of particular interest due to the potential wide application of Brighter AI’s technology across various products beyond Apple Vision Pro and Apple Maps.

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