Google Increases Price of Nest Aware Subscriptions in Canada

nest aware

Google has announced its Nest Aware subscription prices are jumping up this year, starting in March.

According to an email received by iPhone in Canada, Google says a Nest Aware Plus subscription is increasing from $160 to $200 per year—that’s a 25% jump. This plan costs $20 per month.

As for Nest Aware, it’s jumping from $80 to $100 per year, also a 25% price hike. Monthly this entry plan is $10 per month.

We’re told by readers with first-gen Nest hardware on legacy plans that the prices are going up 100%. So the first camera is $50, then subsequent cameras are $30 each. One reader had four cameras for a total of $140. But now their total bill is $280. Wow.

The new prices will kick in on your next bill that occurs on or after March 25, 2024. Current benefits will remain the same.

Google says you may refuse this change and cancel your subscription without cost, penalty or cancellation fees by sending them a notice no later than 30 days after the change comes into effect.

“We remain committed to helping our customers get the most out of their Nest devices and will continue to bring new features and innovations to Nest Aware over time,” concluded Google.

If your home security setup includes numerous Nest cameras, a Nest Aware subscription is pretty much required to get all the latest features. Unless you’re willing to switch to a different home security set up, most people will just accept and pay this price hike.

Nest Aware plans first started rolling out in Canada back in 2019.

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