How to Set Up PlayStation Passkey

Sony has recently introduced its new Passkey security software for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Using it, players can access their PlayStation Network accounts without continuously using and remembering their credentials. Here’s how to use it.

PlayStation Passkey sidesteps the requirement to use your PlayStation Network email address and password. Instead, players can create a ‘Passkey’. Once activated, all users will be required to remember their passkey when signing in on a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4.

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To create your own Passkey, head over to the Passkey landing page and select ‘Activate now’. You’ll then have to log into your PlayStation Network account.

From there, you’ll the new ‘Sign In with Passkey’ option will be in the settings page. Unless you’ve already created a Passkey, it should show up as “Deactivated.” Select ‘Edit’. Follow the prompts and then create your new PIN. After setting up your Passkey, you’ll be prompted to use it once more on the website. Once confirmed, you’re all set.

Sony recommends avoiding the use of mobile PINs as Passkeys on Android devices. It also recommends the use of iCloud, Google Password Manager, 1Password, and Dashline as a passkey provider.

It’s worth noting that you can deactivate your Passkey if you’d like in the future and revert to a traditional email and password login process. PlayStation’s Passkey is accessible to use on browsers and consoles. However, Sony notes that older devices such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, etc. will continue to require a PlayStation Network password.

Take a look at PlayStation’s support page for more information.

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