Razer Seiren V3 Chroma Review

It doesn’t matter if I’m podcasting, streaming, or in a meeting on Microsoft Teams, audio is everything. Without a reliable microphone, capturing and maintaining an audience’s attention is hard. Razer Seiren V3 Chroma is the latest microphone from Razer, offering some unique Chroma integrations.

Razer Seiren V3 Chroma is the latest in the Serien line, working off the bones of 2021’s Razer Seiren V2 Pro and Razer Seiren V2 X. The company is once again investing in top-of-the-line audio engineering to offer clean and rich-sounding voice quality via Supercarloid Condenser technology. Additionally, Razer is leveraging its Chroma RGB technology, providing some unique customization and interactions for streamers and content creators.

Razer’s premium microphone arrives at $179.99 in Canada. The company is positioning the Seiren V3 Chroma to be a competitive alternative to other USB microphones like HyperX’s Quadcast and SteelSeries Alias. With the introduced tap-to-mute button and customization functions, Razer has provided a compelling offering this year for a streaming or podcast setting. Additionally, the use of Razer Synapse and integration of RBG lighting is an added perk to not only tailor the look of the device but also make me stand out during videos.

Out of the box

The Seiren V3 Chroma and its packaging is lightweight and minimal. Inside the box, I found the microphone and its small desk stand. There’s also an included USB-C to USB-A cord. The microphone itself weighs 1.04 lbs, which is light enough to put on a desk mount if I wanted. Seiren V3 Chroma is 8.3 x 2.2 inches with the desk stand’s base measuring in at 3.58 inches. The design and feel of the Seiren V3 Chroma is undoubtedly premium. It comes in a standard ‘Black’ colour pallet with a sort of mesh design on the top half. Under this mesh is where the Chroma RGB lights emit from. Razer has built the microphone with 10 distinct sections which can be customized using the Synapse software.

On the top of the microphone is the new tap-to-mute button. It’s the heart and soul of Razer’s latest innovations, introduced not only with the Seiren V3 Chroma but also with the entry-level Seiren V3 Mini. It’s a multi-functional sensor, offering customized controls––but more on that in a bit. On the front is the Multi-functional Dial, which includes controls for gain settings and microphone monitoring volume. Razer also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack on the back, alongside the USB-C input.

The setup is relatively straightforward. Razer wanted users to have a plug-and-play experience. Out of the gate, there’s no additional software or drivers needed to use the mic. It’s also easy to sync up and use across Discord, OBS, and XSplit if desired. As someone who uses the Elgato Wave DX and Wave Link XLR, I am always using an external audio interface. Razer has taken much of the onboard controls of the Wave Link XLR and baked them straight into the Seiren V3 Chroma. I can see how many streamers and content creators may gravitate to this type of design as long as they’re okay with abandoning the use of an Elgato XLR microphone.

Controls are just a tap away

Razer is introducing a new tap-to-mute sensor and functionality within the Seiren V3 Chroma. Located on the top of the microphone is a circular sensor, which activates or deactivates the mute function all with a light tap of the finger. Once activated, the microphone’s lighting will indicate when the mute function is on so I’m able to cough, sneeze, or take a phone call without it coming through the mic. I’m typically always worried about any tap functionality on microphones as always there’s the potential of noises being picked up.

Thankfully, the sensor doesn’t click nor requires a ton of pressure. On top of that, the Seiren V3 Chroma includes a built-in shock absorber to assist with any potential bumps or knocks made.

The sensor also included multi-functional uses as well. By default, Razer includes a double-tap option to easily control chroma effects. Users can cycle through a selection of lighting effects to suit their mood or personal aesthetic. Users will also find a triple tap function to turn the chroma effects on and off.

However, both options can be fully mapped to other functions. For instance, a double tap can swap to a specific chroma-lighting effect. Users can also choose to toggle advanced gain settings on or off using a double or triple tap.

Last up for the multi-functional tap sensor is a small array of long-press commands. A three-second-long press initiates a toggle of the microphone gain and headphone monitoring volume. The substantially longer 10-second long press activated the factory reset option, which places all settings back to the default state.

Stellar voice clarity

Above any functions, the sticking point of any new microphone is how it makes the user sound. The Razer Seiren V3 Chroma is a Supercardioid Condenser microphone, that uses similar technology as musicians in a studio. The technology built into the mic can tighten up the pickup patterns of the speaker.

With a condensed window for audio to come in, the Seiren V3 Chroma can provide clear and rich sound for streams and recordings. While some filters and tweaks can be made in OBS and other software, the Seiren V3 Chroma provides surprisingly great audio straight out of the box.

YouTube video

Razer also includes a digital gain limiter, which dampens unwanted noises. In the event I was typing too heavily on my keyboard or using my clicky mouse, I’m able to tailor the gain of the Seiren V3 Chroma to avoid picking up those sounds. The limiter also prevents the user from accidentally clipping or peaking if speaking too loudly.

Onboard lighting warns the user if the audio is peaking. There’s nothing worse than reviewing a podcast and hearing yourself peak in moments of excitement. The visual cue given by the microphone has been very valuable during select moments. Razer also built in an auto-gain setting where it dynamically adjusted gain settings if I was speaking too softly or too loud.

Chroma is forever

One of the best-known staples of Razer products is its Chroma RGB support. The latest microphone is no different, supporting over 16.8 million colours and nearly endless lighting effect combinations. If you have a colour pallet for your stream or are using the Seiren V3 Chroma to add some extra ambience on screen, there’s a lighting effect for you. Using Razer’s software, I’m able to effectively sync the microphone’s lighting across my Razer Basilisk V3 Pro mouse and Huntsman V2 keyboard.

Whether it’s a stagnant colour or a sweeping pattern, all devices can display the same lighting effects in unison. On top of that, there are over 300 chroma-integrated games available. When playing, the Seiren V3 Chroma displays dynamic lighting effects made by what’s happening on the screen. Supported titles include Diablo 4, Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, and Apex Legends.

Razer’s Chroma RGB also supports accessories and lights across Govee, Nanoleaf, Phillips Hue, and more. For many, this is a standout feature for streamers and video content creators. The continued support and expansion of the Razer Chroma RGB ecosystem is something to applaud. It makes it easier to continue investing in Razer’s products as you build out your own streaming space complete with lights. This way, you don’t have to be beholden to a specific partnering brand.

Final thoughts

I’m quite impressed with Razer’s Seiren V3 Chroma. Not only is it a noticeable improvement and evolution from 2022’s Razer Seiren V2 Pro and Razer Seiren V2 X but it’s reflective of what makes Razer stand out. The sheer quality of the microphone is another prime example of why the brand is in the upper echelon of streaming and PC gaming brands.

The mic is fully supportive with impressive touch functionality, bringing external audio device capabilities to the microphone itself. It also offers clear audio with gain and monitoring controls at your fingertips. The cherry on top, of course, is Razer’s Chroma RGB. With endless lighting effects at your disposal, this $179.99 mic is a worthy contender in the premium market for streamers and content creators.

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