Instagram Launches New Direct Messaging Features

Instagram edit DMs

Instagram has announced announce new direct messaging features today, including the ability to edit messages after they are sent.

“Whether it’s a typo or something just doesn’t sound right, you can now edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending,” said Instagram on Monday. How to do this? It involves pressing and holding the sent message and selecting “edit” from the dropdown menu. This is a good feature especially if you sent something you didn’t mean to, or had typos.

Instagram pin chats

Another update is the ability to pin chats at the top of the inbox. Users can pin up to three group or one-on-one chats for quick access. You can activate this by swiping left or tapping and holding on the chat, followed by tapping “pin.”

There’s also now a toggle for read receipts in DMs. You can turn read receipts on or off for all chats or specific ones. You can change this in account settings under Messages and story replies.

Instagram read receipts

As for stickers, Instagram now allows users to save their favourite stickers in DMs. These saved stickers will be accessible at the top of the sticker section in future chats. Also new is the ability to use stickers, GIFs, videos, photos, and voice messages in replies to messages.

Instagram is also debuting new chat themes, including Love, Lollipop, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, among others.

“We are always working to make messaging on Instagram a fun and private way for people to connect with each other,” concluded Meta’s Instagram today.

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