Apple Vision Pro Redefines Possibilities for Health App Developers

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has marked a significant milestone for health app developers, opening up a plethora of opportunities to leverage spatial computing in healthcare and wellness applications.

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By seamlessly integrating digital content with the physical world, Vision Pro offers a platform for creating immersive experiences that can positively impact users’ lives across different clinical environments.

“We’re thrilled to see the incredible apps that developers across the healthcare community are bringing to Apple Vision Pro,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations.

“The imagination and drive of our developers, combined with the technical capabilities of visionOS, are igniting new possibilities for physicians, frontline workers, and even students, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.”

The following pioneering apps are already available on Apple Vision Pro, addressing different aspects of healthcare and wellness:

Surgical Planning and Education

  • myMako (Stryker): Enables surgeons to visualize and review Mako surgical plans in 3D-native, intuitive, and dynamic ways, leading to improved preoperative planning and intraoperative experiences.
  • CyranoHealth (Boston Children’s Hospital): Provides comprehensive training experiences in a safe, virtual environment, focusing on skills related to new medical equipment like infusion pumps to enhance confidence and reduce anxiety among frontline healthcare workers.
  • Fundamental Surgery: Delivers surgical training through spatial computing, leveraging the capabilities of Vision Pro.
  • CollaboratOR 3D (KARL STORZ): Enhances surgical learning opportunities and allows teams to scale their training efforts.
  • Elsevier’s Complete HeartX: Offers a captivating learning experience exploring the intricacies of the human body, specifically the heart.
  • Insight Heart: Utilizes ARKit to visualize 3D hearts using CT data and explore various heart conditions.

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Productivity and Collaboration

  • Cinematic Reality (Siemens Healthineers): Allows viewing of immersive holograms of the human body captured through medical scans, offering photorealistic renderings for clinical and educational purposes.
  • Visage Ease VP: Supports immersive spatial experiences for diagnostic imaging and multimedia, aiming to improve patient care and enhance collaboration among healthcare professionals.
  • Falcon Vue: Unleashes spatial medical imaging viewing across all modalities.
  • Medivis: Introduces SurgicalAR Vision to enhance medical imaging and support surgical precision and patient care.

Behavioral Health and Wellness

  • Xaia (Cedars-Sinai): Provides AI-enabled, conversational mental health support through a trained digital avatar in immersive spatial environments, offering therapy sessions tailored to individual preferences.
  • The Mindfulness app: Transforms users’ surroundings into calming, immersive environments to support mindfulness and relaxation.
  • TRIPP: Delivers signature experiences with illuminating visuals and Spatial Audio for guided breathing exercises and sleep enhancement.
  • Healium: Offers stress-reducing experiences through nature-based escapes to help users relax and build resilience.
  • Odio: Utilizes Spatial Audio and intuitive gestures to display 3D images in users’ space for focus, relaxation, or peaceful sleep.

All these apps and more demonstrate the innovative ways in which developers are leveraging Vision Pro to create impactful solutions across various domains of healthcare and wellness.

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