Latest PlayStation 5 Software Update Introduces DualSense Controller Sound Enhancements

PlayStation has rolled out its latest system software update. The update will be accessible globally throughout the day. The PlayStation 5 firmate update opens up features that were initally locked as a beta, including enhanced DualSense audio controls.

Via the PlayStation Blog, players will have more control over their DualSense’s audio as part of the latest system software update. Both the standard DualSense and DualSense Edge will have access to new tools to tailor the audio experience while playing games.

This includes the abvility to control the on-board speaker. The DualSense speaker is now able to produce higher volumes while playing. This means that audio from in-game sounds and cues can be heard more easily. Additionally, voice chat functions will also be able to be more clear. Players can adjust the sound coming from their controller speaker from the control center.

In addition, the latest firmware adds enhanced noise cancellation to DualSense controllers. PlayStation claims it is using a “new AI machine learning model.” Now, button presses and game audio that would otherwise be heard in the background will be better supressed.

PlayStation also announced that new Share Screen functions are rolling out. Players can now use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with the host’s gameplay. Using a pointer, a player watching a Share Screen session can send a ping or draw a line to an object to assist the host player. Emoji’s can be used on-screen to celebrate moments during gameplay. As of now, this feature is in its beta phase. Both the host and Share Screen viewer must be participating in hte beta to use it.

PlayStation notes that later this month, an update for the PlayStation App will enable users to use Share Screen interactions on the app.

Finally, PlayStation is enabling players to adjust the brightness of the PlayStation 5’s console power indicator. By going into the ‘Settings’ and ‘System’ menu, select ‘Beep and Light’ and then ‘Brightness.’ Players can then choose from the ‘Dim,’ ‘Medium,’ or Bright’ options.

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