PlayStation 5 to Introduce User-Generated Community Game Help

PlayStation is introducing its ‘Community Game Help’ feature “later this year.” Expanding off the currently supported Game Help, players can receive user-generated tips, hints, and walkthroughs while playing games on PlayStation 5.

In a PlayStation Blog post, it’s revealed that Community Game Help seeks to add to the current Game Help experience by “incorporating videos that are automatically generated from gameplay footage of players who have opted in to contribute.”

Community Game Help will become available to all PlayStation 5 players. It’s confirmed that a PlayStation Plus subscription, which adds online access, isn’t required. It’s said that in “supported games,” players can contribute their gameplay, view hints from other players, or continue to access Game Help hints made by developers. Game Help has been adopted in many tentpole PlayStation 5 games such as The Last of Us Part II Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Much like the existing Game Help option, Community Game Help will exist within the PlayStation 5 Control Centre. Here, players can access the Action Card and see options for hints and videos labelled “Community Game Help.” Players can also rate clips generated by others to help PlayStation curate the content better.

In order to contribute to Community Game Help, players must opt in via the ‘Settings’ menu. By navigating to ‘Captures & Broadcasts,’ ‘Captures,’ and ‘Auto Captures,’ a new option for ‘Community Game Help’ will be available. By selecting ‘Participate,’ players will be enrolled. You can also control how many videos will be captured from your gameplay per month.

The PlayStation 5 will then automatically capture gameplay when a certain task or activity is completed in the game. The video is then reviewed by a moderator. If approved, the video is then published as a Game Help hint. When your video is published,the player receives a system notification on your PS5 console. There’s no need for the player to edit or curate their own clips as its all automatic.

Community Game Help will start to become available in select games later this year. PlayStation says it aims to have “as many titles as possible” support it in the future.

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