Leaked Images Suggest Microsoft May Launch Disc-less Xbox Series X

Microsoft may be on the verge of developing a disc-less version of its Xbox Series X console. A series of leaked images show an all-white Xbox Series X that omits a disc drive.

The images come by way of Exputer. According to the outlet, these images were sent by an unnamed source. While believed to be authentic, each image is admittedly low-fi though do show a few interesting tidbits of this supposed console.

For instance, the console does appear to retain the same overall shape and size as the standard Xbox Series X console. The front of the device retains the Xbox symbol that acts as the power button. There’s also a USB-A port and a sync button on the front. The rear side is shown to have a similar layout of ports to the original hardware as well. The most glaring visual differences are the removal of the disc drive and the white colour, adopting a design similar to the Xbox Series S.

It’s reported that the white version of the Xbox Series X features upgraded internal components as well as a new heatsink. Though, beyond that, we’re likely looking at a minor refresh to the existing Xbox Series X. While there may be no major bells and whistles attached to the new hardware, Exputer suggests the console could be available at a cheaper price point. It’s believed that it may launch for $50 to $100 less than the current $499 price in the U.S. It’s also said the console may launch sometime around June or July of this year.

In Canada, the Xbox Series X is available for $649. If a disc-less Xbox Series X is indeed on the horizon, a price cut on the hardware would be welcomed by many players. The Xbox Series S has seen significant adoption in this console generation. Last year, it was reported that the Xbox Series S accounted for 78.4 percent of Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Series’ console sales while the Series X came in with 25.1 percent in the early lifecycle. Despite not having a disc drive, the Xbox Series S likely found success in part thanks to its pricing.

News of the disc-less version of its Xbox Series X also suggests Xbox may be changing its plans for the Xbox Series X refresh that was leaked via FTC documents last year. An internal roadmap showed that an all-digital cylindrically designed Xbox Series X was in the works, codenamed “Brooklin.” The mid-gen refresh was reported to feature Wi-Fi 6E support and improved power efficiency. Though, it’s unclear whether this hardware is still in the works.

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