‘AltStore’ EU App Store to Offer Patreon-Backed iOS Apps

With the EU’s Digital Markets Act pushing for fair competition, Apple is compelled to open up its ecosystem, with the AltStore emerging as a front-runner in this revolution.


According to TechCrunch, AltStore is seizing this opportunity to unveil its revamped version tailored for the EU. With plans to support Patreon-backed apps, it promises a dynamic platform for developers and users alike.

To comply with EU regulations, Apple has introduced APIs facilitating independent app distribution. AltStore has swiftly adapted to this change, unveiling a glimpse of its EU edition complete with Patreon integration.

Unlike conventional monetization methods, AltStore will offer developers a novel approach. Through Patreon integration, developers will be able to directly market their apps to consumers, bypassing traditional payment channels.

Initially launching with two apps, including the renowned Delta emulator, AltStore will pioneer a subscription-based model. This innovative approach, free from hefty commissions, will open up new avenues for app developers.

EU Digital Markets Act

Under Apple’s DMA rules, alternative app stores can now tap into larger app revenues with a nominal fee. This newfound flexibility challenges Apple’s traditional revenue model, prompting speculation about its sustainability.

AltStore’s founder, Riley Testut, envisions a vibrant ecosystem empowering developers. With plans to expand beyond its proprietary apps, AltStore aims to foster a thriving community of creators.

Testut emphasizes the simplicity and user-friendliness of the EU version of AltStore. Unlike its predecessor, it streamlines the app installation process, promising a seamless experience akin to the App Store.

Although the new AltStore is ready to launch, Testut says he is waiting on final approval from Apple.

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