Microsoft Developing Xbox AI Chatbot to Help With Support: Report

Microsoft is developing an AI chatbot for Xbox, to assist with user inquiries on support questions, refunds, etc. The AI-powered Xbox chatbot will be introduced to automate some of these tasks.

Sources told The Verge that Microsoft is testing an “embodied AI character” that will animate and respond when Xbox users ask it support queries. It’s now believed that the introduction of the Xbox chatbot is part of a larger integration of AI-powered tools for the console and ecosystem.

Microsoft is reported to be leveraging its support documents, feeding them into the chatbot while integrating it into Xbox’s network and ecosystem. Thus, the AI can administer refunds and respond to questions. “This agent can help you with your Xbox support questions,” an internal description of the Xbox chatbot reads. The supposed goal of the Xbox chatbot is to one day have it handle more broad support queries across all Xbox customers.

“During an Xbox all-hands meeting earlier this year, Microsoft executives outlined an “Xbox Everywhere” vision that included “AI innovation” as a key part of that ambition,” The Verge says.

The company has confirmed the existence of the AI-powered chatbot to The Verge. General manager of gaming AI at Xbox Haiyan Zhang says, “We are testing an Xbox Support Virtual Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can query Xbox Support topics with voice or text. The prototype makes it easier and quicker for players to get help with support topics using natural language, taking information from existing Xbox Support pages.”

As of the time of writing, Microsoft has not disclosed the name of its Xbox chatbot. However, it is said that when interacting with it, it will first ask the player, “How can I help you today?” Once support queries are asked, the chatbot aims to provide support and responses quickly and accurately. Internal tests have the chatbot answering questions regarding the Minecraft Realms subscription-based server hosting service.

The introduction of an AI chatbot is part of a much broader initiative for AI within Microsoft Gaming. It’s claimed that the company will also adopt AI features for content creation, game operation and the Xbox platform and devices. However, Microsoft has not commented on the broader vision it has for AI within Xbox.

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