OpenAI Now Lets You Edit AI Images with Tool and Text Prompts

Dall e editor ios

OpenAI has announced a new way to edit AI-generated images using its DALL·E image tool, right within ChatGPT.

A new editor interface within the DALL·E platform right within ChatGPT on iOS, Android and the web is now available for paid users.

Editing an AI-generated image is super easy. You just highlight parts of your image, then use text prompts to ask for edits and changes.

An example is below. Once you select the area in the image with the section tool, typing in “add cherry blossoms” magically adds them in the next image.

dall e image editor

Other examples? You can highlight the birds and then type in “remove birds” to make it happen. OpenAI also shows highlighting the cat’s face and then typing in, “change the cat’s express to happy”. You’re editing AI-generated images with AI, which is pure inception.

Once you’re happy with the changes you just click the Save button in the top right to download your new image.

Here’s how the DALL·E image tool looks on iOS. You just tap Edit, highlight the part of the image you want changed, tap next, then type in the changes you want.

dall e editor ios

OpenAI’s DALL·E will generate any image or scene, based on your text request, all within ChatGPT. There’s a video version of DALL·E from OpenAI, known as Sora, that’s coming soon and also equally impressive.

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