Apple Execs Talk New iPad Pro, Share Why Mac and iPad Both Matter

In an exclusive interview with FastCompany, Apple executives Greg Joswiak and John Ternus talked about the latest iteration of the iPad Pro, highlighting the tablet’s evolution into a versatile and powerful tool.

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Ternus described the iPad Pro as a “magical sheet of glass,” emphasizing the seamless interaction it offers with content. “What we were excited to do with this new iPad Pro is push the boundaries of how thin and light we could go without compromise. We have the best display we’ve ever put into an iPad,” he said.

Meanwhile, Joswiak highlighted the significance of Apple’s custom silicon, particularly the M4 chip powering the iPad Pro. He emphasized how the chip enabled advancements like the device’s thin, lightweight design and tandem OLED display.

“We try to tell the story of Apple silicon, and people are used to, maybe, an Intel story,” Joswiak said. “That it’s all about, ‘Well, didn’t it just get 5% faster or something?”

He highlighted how the integration of necessary technologies into Apple’s custom chips ensures optimal performance and functionality. This approach distinguishes Apple from its competitors and allows for innovations like the iPad Pro’s OLED screen.

Joswiak also clarified the distinction between iPads and traditional tablets, asserting that iPads stand alone in their category due to their superior user experience and extensive app library.

Apple m4 chip

Despite the growing demand for flexibility and customizability, Ternus reaffirmed the iPad Pro’s professional capabilities. He cited the Procreate app as an example of the device’s suitability for professional use, particularly in creative industries.

The executives emphasized the coexistence of iPads and Macs in Apple’s ecosystem, noting that many customers utilize both devices for different tasks.

“The fact is that the majority of Mac customers have an iPad, and they use them both,” Joswiak said. “And a large proportion of iPad customers have a Mac, or even some of them have [Windows] PCs. You use the tool that makes the most sense for you at that time. They’re two different tools.”

As users anticipate potential enhancements to iPadOS at WWDC, Ternus maintains that the iPad Pro already delivers professional-grade performance.

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