iOS 17.5 Bug Causes Deleted Photos to Reappear

Reports have surfaced on Reddit concerning a bug in Apple’s latest iOS 17.5 update. Users claim that the update is causing old photos, previously deleted, to reappear in their photo libraries (via MacRumors).

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One user expressed shock after finding old NSFW photos, deleted in 2021, suddenly reappearing in their photo library marked as recently uploaded to iCloud. Similar stories have been shared by other users, indicating a widespread issue.

“I have four pics from 2010 that keep reappearing as the latest pics uploaded to iCloud,” shared one Redditor. “Same thing happened to me,” replied another user, noting photos deleted as far back as 2023 resurfacing.

More reports continue to emerge, with one user mentioning a random photo from a past concert appearing in their library as if it was added recently.

The cause of this phenomenon remains unclear. It’s unlikely to be related to recently deleted photos, as Apple’s Photos app retains deleted items for only 30 days. Possible causes include indexing bugs, photo library corruption, or syncing issues between local devices and iCloud Photos.

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There’s speculation that attempts to address previous syncing bugs in iOS 17.3 might have inadvertently triggered new issues involving iCloud backups. Some users running iOS 17.5 developer beta 4 earlier reported similar experiences.

Apple has yet to provide an official statement or solution regarding this issue.

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