be.ez LEvertigo 13″ Lime Art MacBook Bag Review

If you’re a MacBook user, it’s always nice to have a decent bag to carry your computer and other gear. The iPhone and MacBook work extremely well together, especially when tethering. Once again, we are going to take a look at another bag from the French company be.ez. Today we will look at their latest LEvertigo 13″ Lime Art shoulder bag.

Things That Make This Bag Special

The LEvertigo 13″ Lime Art bag is unlike some of the traditional horizontal shoulder bags. Instead, your MacBook is inserted vertically, which makes the bag look less like a traditional laptop shoulder bag. The outer nylon shell is waterproof and the bag is nicely padded. It fit my 13″ MacBook nice and snug as there’s an elastic velcro strap that keeps very tight. Your MacBook will not move around in this bag.


Inside the bag there is also extra storage for your school or office supplies and some brief notes or papers. What I like about this bag is the design. It’s a very solid feeling bag that reassures me that my MacBook will be safe.

Things I Didn’t Like

What I don’t really care for is the Lime Art color. Lime green and grey doesn’t really go well with me! But, of course you can choose from other color, which is BlackPumpkin. Not sure what they were thinking when they came up with these color combinations! I do enjoy the design of the bag, as having a vertical shaped bag is definitely different from most bags out there.

The LEvertigo bag can be purchased at your local Apple Store and some university computer stores. I saw this exact same bag at the Pacific Centre Apple Store. There is also a 15″ edition for the 15″ MacBook Pro. Check out the gallery below:

LEvertigo13-LimeArt-front LEvertigo13-LimeArt-side

LEvertigo13-LimeArt-34 LEvertigo13-LimeArt-openside