Product Review: Chromatics by Phantomskinz

Probably the most popular accessory for your iPhone is a new case or a skin. Personally, I am always on the look out for new way to show off my iPhone. Typically, I like to keep some sort of clear protection on my iPhone, but when it wears out, I like to find something fun or flashy for a while.

Today, we’re taking a look at Chromatics, by Phantomskinz. Phatomskinz has been around for a while and have offered clear, durable, full body protection for the iPhone, among many other portable devices, but they saw the desire for something more, in the market. Their Chromatics skins are a self adhesive, bright, metallic skin, that really dresses up the iPhone. Once the skin is installed, it makes your iPhone look like it just rolled out of your local custom car shop!

The install of this Phantomskinz is different than their original product. These are self adhesive, so there is no dipping it in water, and no applicator. Simply peel and stick.

I guess I shouldn’t really say “simply”, as the only gripe I have with this, is the installation. The material used is a bit stiff, and not as easy to bend around the corners of the device. I could be because of the metallic feature, I’m not sure, but it was a real chore to get the corners just right. In fact I am still left with a couple of wrinkles in the corners.

I really like the metallic shine of these skins, but I would guess these would be popular with the teens to 20’s market. I also like how they leave the Apple logo cut out, although this may leave it vulnerable to scratches.

Chromatics by Phantomskinz are available now, at, for $29.95.

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