Product Review: iSkin for iPhone 4 – revo4 and solo

With more and more folks getting their hands on the iPhone 4, everyday, more and more of you are probably looking for a good case for your shiny new iPhone. There are quite a few choices out there, now. You can get a case or a skin, in many different styles and colours. Today, we’re going to take a a look at a couple of cases from iSkin. The “solo” and the “revo4”. iSkin has been in this game for a while now, so they know what they’re doing, when it comes to protecting your iPhone. I used the “solo” on my iPhone 3GS for a long time, and have also tried the “revo”, so I was excited to try these on my iPhone 4.

The “solo” case, is a full body protection for your iPhone 4. It comes in many colours, and is made from a durable silicon. It provides great padding to the edges and corners, for folks who may be a bit clumsy with their iPhones.



The solo’s sleek, minimalist design encapsulates the entire body of the iPhone. Its bold translucent color has a high-gloss finish that is a standout in a crowd. Frosted accents with polished buttons finalize the look as it seamlessly embraces the contours of the iPhone 4, while giving the biggest protection to the smallest details.


Rigid yet flexible, this new generation “phthalate-free” polymer feels great and provides lasting protection without appearing worn or faded. It also gives the iPhone a much needed and secure grip.

The solo comes in five standout colors: Carbon (translucent black),Quartz (clear frosted), Breeze(translucent light blue), Vive(translucent purple) and Cosmo(translucent pink).

The “revo4” case is a bit more protection for your iPhone 4. This case is a bit thicker, where it counts, and also includes full protection for the front of your device. It has a hard plastic cover to go over your screen, to protect against impact, and save the glass. The plastic cover moves to the back of the case, when you need to use your iPhone, or you can leave it off all together, if you find it gets in your way.



True to the original revo’s award-winning design, the new revo4 delivers effective protection in a sleek, bulk-free package.


A two-tone design effectively accents the screen’s borders. The subtly textured side and rear accents add a confident, ergonomic grip to its artfully sculptured surfaces.

The revo4 arrives in four handsome duotones: Nighthawk (Dark Brown + Black), Falcon (Dark Brown + White),Lush (Pink + Black), Hornet (Dark Brown + Yellow).

The iSkin solo is an awesome case for anyone. It thick on the sides, but thinner than Apple’s Bumper, while keeping it really thin on the back. This, combined with a good screen protector, should be all you need. The only gripe I had, is that it seemed a little tight on the power button, and I occasionally had my iPhone want to power off, because the power button had been held down by the case.


The iSkin revo 4 is great for folks who need a little more protection. If you’re prone to clumsiness, or work in a harsh environment, these maybe be the case for you. The material is more rubber than plastic, and will take the impact of a drop really well. In fact, the iPhone will bounce, if dropped. The hard plastic cover for the screen can be a life saver, as well. Most screen protectors simply protect against scratches, but this one will save you from broken glass. I did find it annoying to have to take the protector off, every time I had to use my phone.

iSkin products are available at many retailers that carry iPhone accessories, or you can order them online, here. The iSkin solo is $29.99 USD and the iSkin revo 4 is $39.99 USD. I would recommend these cases to anyone looking for some good protection for their iPhone 4. – rorypiper