ZAGG Back to School Special: Spend $100, Get Free Headphones or USB Laptop Speakers

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s that time of the year go back to school, eh? This can be an exciting time for consumers as lots of companies out there put some some decent deals. The following promo is a good one from ZAGG for the upcoming school year!

ZAGG’s Back to School Special: Get Free Headphones/USB Laptop Speakers

If you’ve never heard of the invisibleSHIELD before, it’s essentially a thin plastic film that goes onto your iPhone. It’s made of some incredibly strong plastic that is scratch resistant to keys, coins, etc. The stuff was used on US military helicopter blades in the beginning but now it’s widely available. It’s the only protection I’ve used on my iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.

Here’s the deal: Spend $100US on and you will get a pair of ZAGGphones ($99 value) or USB laptop speakers ($89 value) free! If you’ve been waiting to stock up on ZAGG stuff, this is the time to do it because you’re going to get some extras.


Find a few friends who want to the buy full body invisibleSHIELDs for their iPhones, or even get that invisibleSHIELD for your unibody MacBook (review). Stock up on some shields for birthdays, gifts, whatever! Either way, you’ll save on shipping plus you’ll get a nice little bonus.

Use’s 20% Exclusive OFF Coupon Code!

Don’t forget to use our 20% OFF coupon code “iphoneinca” during checkout to save 20% off your entire order! In order to qualify for the free headphones/speakers, your total order before discount must be $100 or greater. With our discount, that’s equivalent to getting one fully body invisibleSHIELD FREE–deal!

This promotion ends September 15th or until supplies last. Definitely check it out if you’ve been holding off to buy some invisibleSHIELDs for your iPhone or other electronic gear!

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Winner of our invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3GS Giveaway

The winner of our recent iPhone 3GS invisibleSHIELD contest is…

Sam Jonesy! Congrats! Check your email!

Another contest coming soon, stay tuned! 😛